We are at the highest point in interest rates since April of 2011.  Here are some of the reasons for it:

  • Low inflation – The Consumer Price Index (CPI) – depending on what CPI you are looking at is somewhere around 2.1-2.6% over the last 12 months and has been about .2% all year!
  • More low inflation – Producer Price Index (PPI) – Again this is somewhere in the 2.5% range!
  • Unemployment – 3.9% – It’s a far cry from the 10% Unemployment we had in 2010.
  • Federal Reserve raising rates – the Prime rate is now 4.75% and there is talk of maybe 21 more increases this year!  We were at 3.25% for over 7 years while the economy tried to get back on its feet.
  • Housing – Still strong even with higher rates.
  • Bond yields – The 10-year treasury bonds have risen from 2.35% in November to 3.06% today!

All of this adds up to higher interest rates and rates do not look like they will be going down anytime soon as the economy is continuing to improve. Tolerating a 5% plus interest rate is easy when we remember that the last time we had a housing and economic boom from 2000 to 2007, interest rates were in the 5.75-7.75% range!

I hope it helps to put in perspective that today it still makes sense to purchase your own home, if you have the ability, instead of paying rent for a home that may not fit your family’s needs.

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