A good credit score open doors to incredibly low-interest rates, credit cards, rental homes and other enticing offers. A low credit score can cause a lot of headache and disappointment when we are forced to pay astronomical interest rates on cars and credit card loans and even worse when it stops us
from buying a home. Whether it's a fair scale or not, we depend on it in our daily life; therefore, here are some easy and simple ways to get a hold of how it works and how you can improve it!

1. Range of Scores:
• 730-830= A+ or Platinum
• 680-729= A
• 640-679= B
• 600-639= C
• 550-599= D
• 549 & Below= E

2. What Makes Up Your Credit Score?
• 35% = Payment History (I.e. on-time or delinquencies)
• 30% = Amount Owed
• 15% = Length of Credit
• 10% = New Credit (new inquiries and new accounts)
• 10% = Type of Credit (installment X revolving)

3. What Actions Will Hurt Your Score?
• Missing payments
• Maxing out credit cards
• Shopping from credit excessively
• Opening up numerous accounts in a short time frame
• Having more revolving debts in relation to installment debts
• Closing credit cards out
• Borrowing from finance companies

4. How Can You Improve Your Score?
• Pay off or pay down on your credit cards
• Do not normally close credit cards (exceptions to bad credit cards)
• Move your revolving debt into an installment debt
• Make payments on time
• Slow down on opening new accounts

Thinking about buying or selling a home?

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